Fork Farms LLC

Communications and Marketing Intern

January - September 2019 • Appleton, WI

What I liked

Working with Fork Farms was one of the all time greatest experiences of my adult life. The group of people there are kind and determined as well as incredibly capable. When I joined the team, it was in the middle of a rebrand and operations change. Being able to sit in on and be a part of big decisions that helped steer the course of the company during my stay was amazing. Fork Farms is a startup from the Fox Valley that is changing the landscape of food distribution and agriculture technology throughout the United States and the world beyond.

What I wish was different

When I initially started at Fork Farms there was a lot of change occurring. Unfortunately this led to me having several different bosses during my first month with the group and it was hard to gain a good stance where I could begin to understand my tasks and the reason I was to do them. This all evened out though and things went smoothly the rest of my time there.


Manage your time well and be prepared to back up your decisions with explanations. Even if the inquiry isn't a malicious one, having logic prepared will help your supervisors understand the thought process you work through as an employee. This helps them see your foresight and makes you more valuable to them after your internship has concluded.
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