Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab

Research Assistant

February 2019 • Buffalo, NY

What I liked

I love that my team is tackling world changing problems. At this lab, we use food as a lever food social change through looking at gaps and inequities in food systems and the health of local communities.

What I wish was different


Never doubt what you can bring to the table. I walked into my interview seeking an internship but was offered a job, and I felt the least qualified for the position due to the fact that I had no prior research experience and I was only an undergraduate student, so this was pretty shocking to me! What I realized was that despite your inexperience, people will recognize your grit, teachability, and dedication and allow you to hold a position where you can demonstrate your work ethic and excellence. So please, never doubt your abilities and worthiness to be in spaces that typically you think you "don't belong." You never know what is in store for yourself; you are your only barrier.
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