Mission Trip

July 2021 • Denver, CO

What I liked

Work with Catholic Charity in Denver helping, assisting, and feeding women's and kids in Marrisol Home, Plant Parenthood, and Smith Road Catholic Charity Center for a for week Also, joined the Christ In the City Group to Feed Homeless folks in Denver Downtown.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have been helping/work there for longer period.


I would recommend that it is good to go down the street or work with organizations like this gain a better knowledge about what is like to be a on/in the street. Because people often judge others especially those that become homeless due to the societal circumstances, so, that working with such charity center, one would understand and to work for the better society not as perfect but at least. It will be an amazing experience if you work such organization and have conversations with these marginalize folks, it is wonderful but sad thing, so by doing that you would give them some comfort by sharing with them and them sharing with you.
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