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About Fluxx Labs, Inc

Fluxx has a mind for technology and a heart for philanthropy. Our vision and innovation are propelled by a deep commitment to transform the grant process and spark lasting good. Fluxx’s cloud-based products are differentiated by a unique, intuitive user interface that makes collaboration, clarity and organization of data effortless. Large and small foundations, nonprofits, government agencies and corporations are dramatically shortening their grant cycles and making more strategic decisions with Fluxx. Until there is no further need for philanthropy, we will continue to expand our mission-critical solutions to drive real change.

We are committed to creating a simpler, smarter, and more effective grantmaking ecosystem for grantmakers and grantseekers by offering beautiful software that serves both sides of the grantmaking equation. When grantmakers and grantseekers work smarter, they move the needle on what they care about most – making the world a better place.


Product Marketing

July 2017 - September 2017 San Francisco, CA
“Fluxx is filled with very dynamic, interesting people who were a joy to work with. The underlying technology was also very robust and fun to learn more about, and the location is great for exploring SF.”
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