Software Intern

June - September 2018 • Ashland, OR

What I liked

I liked the small company feel and I feel like I was able to make a real impact on the company. I was able to interact with some very smart people in many different disciplines to help on a bioinformatics project and I learned a ton. The people are very nice and welcoming, and available to help you grow as a software engineer and an adult.

What I wish was different

I was a development engineer and a quality assurance engineer for part of the summer, and I enjoyed learning how to do both, but I quickly found that I prefered development more than quality assurance. I wish that I had been able to do quality assurance for less of the summer, and focus more of my time on developing. Nothing against the company, it was just a self discovery moment that I had during the summer.


I would suggest to pursue the things that interest you the most, because even if it is harder to pursue your interests than what others want you to do, it will pay off more in the end. Choose great experiences over great pay for one summer. The summer will be more fun and beneficial in the long run.
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