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About Flagger Force

At Flagger Force, we believe that keeping our communities moving goes further than traffic control. Though yes, we literally keep communities moving, we believe there’s momentum in that movement—that we need to meet expectations and then, do more. Our philosophy keeps your community safe, the water flowing and the lights on, provides you with career opportunities and personal growth, and gives back to those same areas. It’s doing these things well and with integrity that allow our team, clients, and communities to trust in this promise.

At Flagger Force we often refer to ourselves as a ‘people company’. Our intention is to hire and develop our employees for fulfilling careers at every level of our organization. The key to providing valuable career opportunities starts by assembling an effective leadership team. Only by attracting and retaining the best talent can we continue our vision of making a positive difference in the safety of others as well as the quality and expectations for the traffic control industry as a whole. We have high standards and they start from the top down. Our leadership is responsible for the lives and well-being of over 1,800 employees, hundreds of clients, and countless members of the traveling public. Everyone at Flagger Force is committed to keeping our communities moving.


Finance and Fleet Intern

July 2018 Hummelstown, PA
“I got to experience a spectrums of responsibilities, both on the business side and the accounting side, working with Fleet, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll.”
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