First Team Real Estate

Real Estate Agent

April - September 2019 • Irvine, CA

What I liked

This job was a very hands-on experience in the field of residential real estate. I was working directly with clients and the local team. I would host open houses, acquire clients, and collaborate with the team. It was a very intensive position with a long work week and extensive hours but there was great company culture.

What I wish was different

I would have liked to work a bit fewer hours because typically I would work about 65 hours a week including weekends. Because there is a lot of effort that it takes to be successful in this industry it was tough to manage any other commitments due to the demand for the position.


It was a fantastic experience to be able to work in a fast-paced environment like real estate and it gave me a close look at what it takes to be in that industry. Be prepared for long weeks and the dedication that comes along with the job but overall it was a great experience.
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