First Ranking LLC

Sales and Marketing Intern

May 2020 • Cleveland, OH

What I liked

This job was great professional experience. I was able to learn a lot about a variety of fields. These included sales, marketing, insurance and SEO practices. I also was able to do a supply chain Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing project that should be able to really help the business going forward. I learned a lot about direct mail marketing which was completely new to me and very interesting. Answering questions like how can increase open rates as well as get our product out to the right consumer were things discussed often. Anthony was a great boss to work for and was always understanding when things came up with my schedule. He is also a great business mentor and has taught me a lot about being resilient in all sides of business especially sales. Overall this is a great company and work environment.

What I wish was different

There is not much I would change about First SEO Ranking. At times maybe more diversity to tasks because it could become very routined at times. I also wish we would have been able to work in an office environment together but because of COVID that was not an option.


The main thing I learned was keep moving forward. In sales there are many ups and downs but it is important to never get too high with the highs and low with the lows. Also know your product. If you understand what you are selling and you believe in it then you will do well.
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