First Insurance Company of Hawaii


August 2021 • Honolulu, HI

What I liked

A great internship to get your foot in the door and the realm of business. In Hawaii, there are two or three business industries people try to go into. Banking, hospitality & tourism, and entrepreneurial ventures. But no one really thinks about the Insurance industry! A great industry to learn about since it's something we all pay for. At FICOH, I learned of the different coverages/policies for both personal lines of insurance and commercial (business). In addition, the many departments & functions, and even more about it's history in Hawaii and international presence.

What I wish was different

Because we're still in the pandemic, It would have been nice to be in-person. Other than that, the internship experience is like no other. It's really engaging and informative and I feel more well-versed now that I have a brief understanding about the insurance industry. Especially since it's the industry that I want to go into.


Ask questions! Always be curious and don't think your questions are dumb. Also, connect with the people there! They are very engaging, friendly, and just want to learn more about you and how they can help mold you into the future candidate for a future employer.
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