Filtec Precise Inc

Machine Operator

August 2021 • Tabor City, NC

What I liked

Help is always provided if one needs/asks for it. Also, the workers/leadership are both very kind and very understanding of my school schedule and allow me to choose the hours I work!

What I wish was different

I do wish I knew ahead of time which machine I'd be working on, since I do shift around often, but that is a nuance that depends on the other shifts' work during the day. I'd also wish that the workforce incorporated the duo-training system again like when I first applied, since many newcomers nowadays are not being trained and leave or get fired not too long after. Also, another nuance, but I wish the attendance system was more lenient for newcomers, since many new people do get fired primarily due to not calling ahead/showing up on time.


If you can help it, try to keep up with the attendance, as mentioned above. Full time employees may have it stricter in that regard, but as a part-time employee, as also mentioned above, scheduling in much more lenient. I haven't been late to work once and I've been utilizing my benefits given as a result, totally worth it as a part time job to have while taking classes at the same time. :]
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