Tax Intern

June 2021 - October 2022 • Andover, MA

What I liked

This is the most intimate and beneficial intern/learning experience you can get from an accounting internship. Al, Lauren, and Jerry are all awesome and have SO much knowledge. I loved asking questions and getting super detailed answers that I did not expect. Not only are they great professionals, they are awesome people who were super understanding of my schedule as a college student. They are super flexible as long as you communicate. The knowledge and experience you can get from them is unmatched and it will give you a leg up on everyone if you decide to go elsewhere afterwards. When I worked for them, coming to work was a joy every day. They are also all UNH graduates so you are sure to have some things in common. It is a casual work environment with so many great benefits. Tax can be difficult, but FFC is the best place to start.

What I wish was different

My only complaint is the commute from Durham. Under an hour though, so not too terrible.


Work here! Ask as many questions as you can. They are a small firm with big clients that require a lot of work to finish. I have worked in a Big 4 firm, and I can say that I learned so much more at FFC. At a bigger firm, people are so caught up in their own work that they don't have the time to answer questions that are unrelated to an assignment. Jerry and Lauren will go in detail about anything you ask.
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