Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.

About Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.

Ferris is a 99 year old, family-owned company operating in the world of plant-grown food. We have a unique perspective that balances industry experience with an open welcome of change. We are a people-focused, product-driven company that builds relationships that thrive through specialty coffee and nuts. Ferris is committed to responsibly sourcing our products to promote sustainability at all levels of the supply chain. Working in the plant-grown food industry is a privilege, and with this privilege comes an immense responsibility to source, roast, and serve our products to optimize our customers'​ experience.



June 2019 - October 2019 Holland, MI
“I enjoyed getting to meet the wide variety of customers.”


June 2017 Grand Rapids, MI
“I love creating community based around good beverages”
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