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About Federal Government Employment (Civilian Corps/Federal Government Employees)

We are a values-based community of over 290K federal civilian employees committed to providing superior management and support services to the US Army. We serve in the Pentagon and at bases in the US and abroad. We are accountants, city managers, strategic planners, management analysts, educators, engineers, emergency managers, logisticians, scientists, medical professionals, social workers, and much more. We are federal civilian employees like those in other federal organizations such as the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security. Most of us have never and will never serve in a military uniform. We don't wear military uniforms and are not required to attend boot camp or enlist. We are graduates of public and private universities across the US. We are lifelong learners who are afforded career-long professional growth opportunities such as voluntary assignments overseas and funded formal training and education.

Here are LinkedIn profiles for a few of the men and women we have hired through our recent graduates career development program: (Carolina Garcia)

This site provides some basic information on federal civilian employment with the Army: . You may also learn more about the Army Civilian Corps by scanning our Civilian Acculturation Handbook - .


Community Support Worker

January 2016 Pocatello, ID
“I worked with an autistic adult. My job was to take him out into the community once a day so that he can have different experiences and know how to act in those experiences. He is very high functioning so it was so cool to watch him while doing tasks out in the community. Like grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or ordering at a restaurant simple tasks like that! I loved getting to know him and what makes him upset and getting to know the things he absolutely loves! I also loved being able to hang with him at his house because that’s when I could do homework while I watched him. He usually just sat in his room and watched different Disney movies so I had free time during that time.”


May 2018 - August 2018 Annapolis Junction, MD
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