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About Farm Creative Parlour, LLC

Beginning very late in the last millennium, from a tiny apartment in Greenwood, Mississippi, Farm Creative Parlour, LLC was born.

Recently married, the founders, Peter & Jessica Howard, both Kendall College of Art & Design graduates with majors in Industrial Design and Furniture Design, respectively, understood the potential behind Computer Generated Imagery. This new and emerging technology was an excellent medium to help their first client, a leading contract furniture manufacturer, win sales through better visual communication. As business demands increased, the Howards moved to Chicago in hopes of attracting new talent and have better proximity to their growing customer base.

From this austere infancy, Farm Creative Parlour emerged in only a few years to become a respected, successful, technically savvy company. With maturity, experience, and young gifted 3D artists joining the fold, we welcomed clientele in various enterprises from regions throughout the country and even the world. All of which found us looking to support the needs of their respective sales and marketing departments with renderings, animations, and product configurators.

As the company continued to expand over the years, both in the number of clients and employees, we relocated several times, exploring the various neighborhoods and the culture Chicago has to offer. Currently, in the Chicago Loop, we have an office central to the city and only a five-minute walk from the Merchandise Mart, where many of our clients’ host showrooms. Our office is highly accessible by public transportation, via both the ‘L’ and the Metra rail with close proximity to many popular Chicago landmarks.

Farm culture is creative, exciting, vibrant, and a bit obscure. Although today the number of men outweigh the women, that is changing rapidly both within the profession and within our own company. We have a free-spirited, caring office that respects one another and celebrates individual accomplishments. Outside of our walls, the same attitude exists, with many employees grouping together for events, one being the well-known JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in May.

Distinct from other kindred companies, many who value low-cost results, we understand our clients’ bottom-line results, delivering value in all forms. Our clients, some who have worked with us over a decade, expect day in, day out, the consistent quality which we work relentlessly hard to ensure. Our methods, talents, knowledge, experience, tools of the trade, philosophy, and solid focus all contribute to the business we’ve built today. And, by these same principals, hopefully, lead us into a future that is as wonderful as the past


3D artist

May 2019 Chicago, IL
“Great team to work with, they are willing to help teach new software and skills, and the internship provides good industry experience.”
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