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We are a family of four and have two boys, ages 7 and 5. Our 5 year old son has autism. We are looking for a respite care provider to care for and play with our boys while we get tasks done around the house, run errands, and other things. Hours range from 5-10 hours per month on weekends with flexibility on days and times throughout the month that work for the caregiver. Pay would come from Milwaukee County respite program via direct deposit. You would be subject to a background check by the county before we could use your services and this takes one month. We are looking for a fun caregiver who has knowledge and interest about young children and the autism spectrum. Our son with autism is mild to moderate on the spectrum. He is very fun, intelligent, and pretty easy to care for.


Baby Sitter

May 2019 - August 2019 Alexandria, VA
“I likes that I could spend time with my younger relatives. ”


June 2019 - August 2019 Portland, OR
“I loved being able to have fun with the kids I was in charge of. I would consider this job, one of my favorites, as my kids and I were given the freedom to explore the Portland area, and make memories together. ”
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