Faith Baptist Church

Pastoral Intern

June - August 2019 • Fredericksburg, VA

What I liked

I enjoyed being able to learn more about the various ministries of a local church. I loved being able to prepare sermons and disciple individuals, as well as serve in a great variety of service opportunities like: Event planning, discipleship, preaching, event set up, visiting the sick, mission work, evangelism, camp ministries. I also loved learning from a great team of pastors, and having one on one counseling with each of them.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have been able to have more direct access to the senior pastor. I would have liked to be able to travel with him on his various preaching engagements that he had throughout the summer.


If you are a young man who is called to the pastorate, and is pursuing that calling, a pastoral internship at a healthy church is an opportunity that cannot be passed up, and is a must for spiritual maturation and on job experience. There is simply no better opportunity to learn the ministry while still receiving an education.
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