Fairfax County Health Department (Disease Carrying Insects Program)

Environmental Technician

March - July 2020 • Fairfax, VA

What I liked

- Being able to make an impact on public health while driving through and exploring various sites throughout Fairfax County. - Job independence, you are out in the field a lot. - Supervisors and coworkers were all super helpful.

What I wish was different

The only thing I could wish was different was the applications used to log site data. I experienced many days where I could not log in or was prompted to log in before logging every individual sites data.


The job is seasonal, running from March to November-ish. It's a great work environment where you are on the road and not under direct supervision. So it is imperative that you do your job efficiently and that it is done well. They give you an opportunity to acquire a state pesticide license and experience working for Fairfax County, which was a great experience to have had and grown from.
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