Intern Case Management

June - August 2018 • Fairfax, VA

What I liked

I absolutely enjoyed being able to help provide goods and services at homeless shelters. I helped recruit individuals in need of help throughout their day. For example, I would provide toiletries, bus tokens, food, etc. When an individual requested a meeting with a case manager, I would take on the role of putting them screenings and making sure they are aware of what they can access through FACETS. I would get to know the clients one-on-one and form relationships with them throughout the months of the intern.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have spent more time in the Lamb Center, which was where I would form relationships with the clients and do paperwork with them to help them get housing or other necessary things. I learned a tremendous amount of participating in that area than simply doing paperwork and filing back at the office. I felt like I was making a difference at the Lamb Center.


The one piece of advice I would share about the experience ALWAYS say YES to everything the supervisor suggests or needs help in. You do not learn if you cannot get out of your comfort zone. You will benefit more out of an internship if you simply keep an open mind and try new things, no matter how challenging it gets.
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