Eyes on Main - Boerne, Texas

Medical Technician

August - December 2021 • San Antonio, TX

What I liked

What I wish was different


Employer created a very hostile work environment, which became very clear in the short period of time working there. No breaks, extremely heavy workload with unreasonable expectations. I felt burnout every day of working there. Despite working my very hardest, I was told I was never meeting standards and could not leave without doing more. I would stay extra hours when feeling severe stress and exhaustion. Same feelings were emulated by all employees. Very unprofessional management with a short temper and even asked a discriminatory question based on my sex and used threatening tones when discussing issues with patients or other employees. When I approached management about my concerns I was met with hostility and fired within a few minutes of talking. I would never recommend this employer to any student or non student for that matter. I feel I was treated so poorly and with such disrespect when trying to communicate, that I only hope that no other employees experience it to the same extent that I did.
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