Thinking of working as a part time sales associate at Express, what would I be doing?

Depending on when your shift starts and the day you work, you could be doing a few different things. Sunday mornings (at least for my store) was used for cleaning the store, such as vacuuming, dusting, disinfecting. We also used the mornings to run the money to the bank drop-off. Other than that,...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Sales Associate position at EXPRESS?

Based on the interview I experienced, I would do your best to really look at the clothes in the store. If you want to do this early and research online, that's an option, but being at the store right before the interview and looking around (which first off, looks super involved to the manager) re...
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Does being a Sales Associate at EXPRESS interfere with your life outside of work?

There is nothing that you need to do for the company outside of the store. You can give them your schedule ahead of time and they will work around your school hours. Some stores are better about letting you go exactly when you are scheduled to leave but it pretty much never interferes with school.
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