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About Evolve California

Evolve California is a non-partisan, 501c(4) nonprofit founded in 2011. We believe that the most effective way to counter the corrupting power of money in politics is a long-term commitment to ground-up, grassroots organizing. We focus on issues that bring together middle-class swing voters and the left-of-center base. We are 100% funded by individual donations from our 13,000 members from across California.

We believe in the power of one person talking to another. Our ground-up approach focuses on local organizing as the foundation of a larger grassroots network. By organizing the hundreds of local communities that make up California, we have built a grassroots network that includes thousands of elected officials, community leaders, and activists in every part of the state.

For the past six years, we have been laying the foundation for a statewide campaign to reinvest in our schools and public services by reforming California’s Proposition 13. Our goal is to generate stable and reliable revenue for our state by having commercial property owners pay property taxes at fair market value. Through effective grassroots organizing--educating voters, organizing education advocates, and building a statewide network of elected and community leaders--we have made tremendous progress. Now, we have qualified a historic initiative for the 2020 ballot that will reclaim $11 billion a year for our schools and public services. This will benefit everyone in California, especially those that rely on our public school system.


Campaign Intern

April 2018 - June 2018 San Francisco, CA
“Everything about it ! Being hands-on in grassroot affairs and made me feel as though that I was part of a vehicle for change”
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