About Everydae

The rat race that is our education system is off its track.

Academic and social pressure are out of control and high school students are being told to finish first or fail.

Test prep and tutoring companies prey on this anxiety because they know fear sells. 

Not us. We believe there’s a better way.

A way to help every high school student level up their lives, not their stress. 

And help parents stay in the know without needing to nag their kids. 

We don’t just believe it. We’re building it. 

Everydae is a tutor, a coach and a game all rolled into one.

And you don’t need thousands of dollars to afford it. 

Everydae is for every high schooler, everywhere.


Information Research Intern

July 2019 - August 2019 Santa Monica, CA
“There was a large amount of flexibility throughout the job. Also you would be exposed to several different fields in the work force. Not only did I do research on education, I was also introduced to marketing tactics as well as business practices. There was also exposure the the engineering field, where you were able to learn from engineers about the processes they undergo to build a product.”
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