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Interns at Everybody Matters empower emotionally vulnerable K–12 students while developing their expertise and accelerating their career

Everybody Matters is a non-profit organization founded by Lori Madrid, MSW, LCSW; Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. The mission of Everybody Matters is to help people thrive emotionally when life gets hard. To do this, we train university-level social work interns to provide social and emotional support to children in the K–12 school system, with no cost to participating families. At the same time, we mentor and train our interns to apply proven counseling theory and techniques in a real-world setting to prepare them to excel as top-tier social work professionals. We also offer professional development to aid educators and school professionals in supporting students, along with affordable client-centered telehealth services to build resilience. At Everybody Matters, we do great things for kids! More information at


Child Welfare Social Worker

August 2019 Phoenix, AZ
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