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About Ethicon, Inc.

At Ethicon, we believe amazing things happen when you bring people together with a common purpose. We are committed to help advance surgical care so that more patients live longer, more fulfilling lives. We are driven to develop meaningful solutions, enabling our customers to provide the treatment and positive outcomes patients deserve.


Research and Development Co-op

January 2022 - May 2022 Cincinnati, OH
“I was given meaningful projects throughout the semester. I was able to see my projects through from start to finish. I was able to develop technical and leadership skills throughout the semester. My team was helpful throughout the semester and was able to answer any questions I had. I was able to both work independently and on a team. I learned a lot more about the medical device industry and was able to work on a NPD project for a surgical device. I was able to get experience testing in a lab, designing components in CAD, creating test methods, data analysis, and writing engineering studies. Overall, I learned a lot in my time as a co-op at Ethicon. ”

Research & Development Quality Co-op

January 2022 Blue Ash, OH
“During my time this semester at Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon location, I was extremely blessed in the fact that I had the opportunity to involve myself in numerous amounts of rewarding experiences throughout the co-op, so that in itself was something I loved about co-oping at Ethicon. I was able to explore so many areas of the company, what they do, and how they function, and because of that, it is truthfully hard to pick just one thing to talk about that I liked, however, something that I loved was the trust and responsibility the assignment managers and your teams put in you while giving you projects. The tasks you performed weren’t just to give you learning experience but were being used in the further development of the project which was extremely cool to understand and watch. One gratifying experience concerning this that left me smiling and proud of the work I had done was when I finished my first project, or task, that was assigned to me. This project took me three weeks to complete and was a very tedious process, however I am thankful for it for a multitude of reasons. It allowed me to immerse myself so deeply in the previous and current project and allowed me to learn about the biomedical device I was working with in such a deeper depth I could have ever imagined. I enjoyed the gravity and weight in which the tasks I was given held in the team’s projects’ development and success. It was so fulfilling to see that what you were doing was actually making a difference in the trajectory of the project. You weren’t given assignments or “busy-work” to do just to help you learn and understand things, but rather were given tasks that would contribute to everyone’s work, and further, the success and launch of the product of the team you were on. To know you were helping pave the way for a project with your work made it this experience so gratifying. ”
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