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About ESL East Asia Inc. / 东亚英语教育

ESL East Asia is a startup (incorporated May 2020) seeking co-founders and capital for an AI-driven, natural-language ESL platform for people in or from East Asia.


One: an AI-driven, natural-language platform that detects the user's current competencies and instructional needs. The envisioned platform constructs a unique set of curricula for each user, and then guides each user through a game-like and aesthetically appealing experience or "learning journey." The user chooses from a multitude of possible journeys that lead the student to desired Spoken, Written, and Pragmatic communication competencies.

Two: a next-stage virtual experience creating a fullness of perception that supersedes augmentation of experience to become an unfolding of experience, one where choices can be more fully explored and practiced before they are enacted.


Boutique services to an exclusive clientele in U.S. and East Asia. High-touch instruction that helps families and individuals learn, adapt, and reach their goals in top-tier academic and corporate contexts while living in English-speaking and/or in East Asian countries. A WeChat Service Provider.


Families and individuals in East Asia and East Asin families and individuals living in English-speaking cultures.


Adults: ESL speaking and writing fluency instruction and contemporary cultural/social pragmatic communications.

Corporate: ESL coaching, cultural/social pragmatic communications. with special emphasis on business communications — from small talk to speech-making and from texting to book-writing.

Undergraduates and graduate students in China and abroad: ESL fluency instruction and contemporary cultural/social pragmatic communications.

Family: Academic ESL tutoring and support for families with younger children (5-15) who are studying English in East Asia. Also tutoring and support for dual-language families in English-speaking cultures.
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Marketing Intern

May 2020 - September 2020 New York City, NY
“The founder William Gargan is really kind and passionate. I learned a lot from him, including business fundamentals, western culture, and even some English slang. It is great to work with him.”
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