Anything I "must know" before heading into an interview for a personal trainer position at Equinox?

Be ready to critically apply skills you've acquired to the job, know your exercise programming and have a professional demeanor. Be confident and well-prepared enough to take another senior trainer through a mock training session, and know how to adapt exercise to individual constraints. More imp...
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Is anyone willing to share what it's like to work as a personal trainer at Equinox?

Extremely variable and tailored to your personal schedule and the schedules of your clientele. There will be meetings, events, training sessions, continued learning courses, and promotional opportunities hinging on your attendance at continued learning meet-ups. It is flexible in a sense that you...
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What's the company culture really like at Equinox?

Synergistic, collaborative, and very social. I felt like everybody there was willing to go out of their way to support and grow one another's business. The business model has a way of making your success everyone's success, and vice versa, and it's amazing.
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If I become a personal trainer for Equinox, will I have much work-life balance flexibility?

It is extremely variable. Your life is your work and your work is your life, to a degree. You make your own schedule, but there are realities to personal training to consider. Most people will want to train before or after standard 9-5 work hours, and you need to be available during those times. ...
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Are there certain skills that are required to succeed as a personal trainer, especially at a company like Equinox?

Interpersonal skills, sociability, exercise programming knowledge, extensive knowledge of exercise science and anatomy, flexibility and adaptability, and a willingness to learn, grow, and help the people around you. Be friendly, competent, and professional, and work hard when no one's looking.
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