Environmental Voter Project

About Environmental Voter Project

The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) is a nonprofit whose research shows that there are over 15 million environmentalists who don't vote in most elections. EVP's #1 goal is to get these environmentalists to the polls in order to dramatically increase voter demand for progressive environmental policy. Using cutting-edge techniques, EVP (1) individually identifies the millions of already persuaded (but seldom-voting) environmentalists, (2) consistently gets them to vote in every election, regardless of who is on the ballot. We are non-partisan and we do not endorse candidates; instead, we will steadily change the electorate and bring voter turnout to a tipping point of overwhelming demand for strong environmental leadership.


Political Organizing Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Boston, MA
“I enjoyed being able to work closely with the employees and other interns , as well as having real work to do, not just busy work. I also learned valuable skills in terms of interacting with volunteers and voters, as well as in using databases. ”

Summer intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Boston, MA
“I loved the people I worked with and I learned a lot about political activism, nonprofit management, and the behavioral science behind people's decision to vote. ”
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