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Why work with Environment America?

Here are just 10 of the reasons.

1. You want to work on the most profound challenge of our time: protecting the planet.

2. You want to work with a team that focuses on the environment, period. You understand that it’s counterproductive for an environmental group to take positions on progressive or conservative issues that don’t fit the mission and that supporters of the environment may or may not agree on.

3. You want to make a difference, not just make a statement. You want to measure your progress by results, not rhetoric or tactics that serve only to inflame people. You don’t want to waste your time fighting battles just for show.

4. You recognize that the stakes are high. But you also recognize that smaller steps are often the only steps possible. Therefore, you’re willing to work to achieve what’s possible now and compromise to get results. You know that smaller steps often build a foundation for larger, more lasting change.

5. You want to be on a team that can press on multiple fronts to win. If Congress is gridlocked on an issue (as it so often is), you want to be on a team that can advance an issue at the state, local, legal or corporate levels. Or on several levels at the same time.

6. You’re willing to work with any elected official, Democratic or Republican, who is willing to work with you to achieve results for the environment.

7. You want to reach out to as many people as you can wherever you can. You don’t want to preach to the choir or “cancel” people when they disagree with you. You want to build support for the environment that is both broad and deep, so elected officials from anywhere in the country, of both parties, will want to support positive action.

8. You want to take pride in working with a group whose funding comes primarily from individual small donors. You want to represent the environment and the public, not be beholden to a few wealthy donors.

9. You want to achieve the most impact for the money that these small donors provide. You take pride in being careful with other people’s money. Some might say frugal. That includes how we pay ourselves.

10. You’re ready to work hard because protecting the planet is hard. Once we provide initial training and direction, you’re ready to take the ball and run with it — to carry out the mission and achieve the goals. And you’re willing to put in the work and the time it takes to gain more of a say in what the group does and how it’s done.

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