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About Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

ERA invests $100,000 in seed funding and and gives you access to New York’s leading start-up mentor network and community, including exposure to 350+ industry leaders. We work with companies intensively throughout our fourth month program, and then continue to support them all the way through an exit. Since 2011, ERA Alumni have raised $250M and grown to more than $1.3 billion in combined valuation. We’re looking to meet game-changing startups for the summer now.


Growth Hacking Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“This summer, I worked as the Strategy and Business Development Intern for Bikky, one of the ten startups selected for the accelerator’s summer batch. I delved into market research and strategy and built a new website for the company. I also led search engine optimization through coding and content creation on the site, I managed over ten client relationships, and designed marketing collateral for use in investor meetings. For three months, I developed skills both specific to the tech startup industry and applicable to any other industry - learning about SaaS startups, writing case studies, building a user-friendly website, maintaining meaningful client relationships, knowing how to pitch a company to investors and media outlets, and performing analyses on technical data. The most learning, however, happened completely naturally - just talking with and learning from all the incredibly smart and accomplished members of the office who had come from all walks of life and wanted to impart their hard-earned wisdom. Being in Manhattan, I was able to easily attend several company networking events in fields I’m interested in learning more about, including finance, tech, and consulting. ”
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