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Is there a good work-life balance as an intern at Enterprise Holdings?

The work life balance as an intern is fantastic. I was able to work with my supervisor to set up hours tailored for me. This was fantastic as I was still in school during my internship. I was able to get great hands on experience and still finish my schooling in a timely manner. If you transitio...
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Do you have complete ownership over your role as a Rental Agent at Enterprise Holdings?

As a Rental Agent you have complete ownership over your work. Rental Agents are potentially the only employee customers might encounter. Therefore, Rental Agents represent Enterprise as a whole. They have the power to create a relationship with a lifetime customer.
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How much support from upper management do you get at Enterprise Holdings?

A decent amount of support. It depends on the RVP and I was fortunate to have one that was extremely supportive and provided clear expectations, direction and training. With that, I also had one that was not very supportive and that led to some frustration and poor communication to the field.
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Is there a mentorship program within Enterprise Holdings?

I honestly can't recall if there was a formal mentor program. However, your supervisors, branch mangers, and area managers will do what they can to help you. Part of getting promoted as an Assistant Branch Manager to Branch Manager is making sure your people are able to get promoted and that they...
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What should I mention in my interview at Enterprise Holdings?

The biggest aspect to highlight regarding main qualities is customer service. Customer service is how every branch is ranked, in addition to being a major aspect to whether or not an employee gets promoted. You can be excellent at sales, however if you aren't good with customers, you will never m...
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Would you recommend Enterprise Holdings as a career after college?

I would not recommend this because I value a healthy work/life balance and when you work at DFW airport, it just isn't something that is going to happen. The shifts are: 6am-5pm, 9am-8pm, or 1pm-midnight, and all include a 90-minute lunch. It's very exhausting work, dress clothes get ruined very ...
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What does it take to succeed as an Accounting Intern at Enterprise Holdings?

As an accounting intern at Enterprise Holdings the main skills you need is basic knowledge of accounting and Excel. The basic knowledge of accounting includes AP/AR, fixed assets/depreciation, understanding an income statement and general knowledge of whats a debit and credit. In Excel it is cruc...
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How are you paid as a Rental Agent at Enterprise Holdings?

Rental Agents are paid according to location. With my experience it is usually above minimum wage. After six months, it is expected for rental agents to join the management trainee program, which comes with a pay raise. Great medical benefits are also available for full time employees as well as ...
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Is it possible to turn my internship into a full time offer at Enterprise Holdings?

The best tip to turning an internship into a full time position is showing your supervisor you are hard working and willing to learn. My internship was originally just 3 months, after which I was told there was no openings for a full time position. Since I was able to showcase a strong work ethic...
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