Ensign Services, Inc

About Ensign Services, Inc

ESI is the most progressive company in the exploding healthcare services field today. Dedicated to restoring public confidence in the healthcare industry, ESI has assembled a team of highly competent, dedicated and caring individuals who are creating a new standard of excellence for healthcare providers everywhere.

ESI currently serves almost 200 skilled nursing facilities with nearly 30,000 employees across the US. These facilities have no corporate headquarters or traditional management hierarchy. Instead, they operate independently with support from the “Service Center,” a world-class service team that provides the centralized clinical, legal, risk management, HR, training, accounting, IT and other resources necessary to allow on-site leaders and caregivers to focus squarely on day-to-day care and business issues in their individual facilities.



April 2003 Provo, UT
“Take shower take vitals sign feed patients Care ”


June 2019 San Antonio, TX
“I liked how the hours were flexible which helps out when I’m taking courses over the summer or even during school. They also try to find better ways to take care of the residents while trying to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the workers. ”
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