Ennovar - A division of WSU Innovation Campus

About Ennovar - A division of WSU Innovation Campus

Ennovar Technology Solutions (ETS) is part of the new Innovation Campus at Wichita State University, employing up to 80 engineering, communication, graphic design, MBA, students and full-time professionals at any given time. Ennovar’s professional resources, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and industry partners provide multiple solutions and services that can be applied to multiple industries.

Other companies offer similar services; however, Ennovar differentiates themselves by providing these high quality services with the added benefit of not only bringing their student technicians, developers, and communicators into the mix but also providing a pool of employee resources to their clients. The next generation pipeline workforce is here.

Ennovar Technology Solutions is a non-profit organization affiliated with Wichita State University that offers hardware testing, software development, technical support services, training services, and marketing services to support businesses and their technology needs. Using student resources guided by university and industry experts.


Human Resources Intern

June 2019 Wichita, KS
“I liked that I got to work in a field that I could potentially grow into after I receive my degree from Wichita State. I also like that since it was/is a co-op, I get school credit for performing the job, in addition to being paid. The pay itself is $12/hour, just raised to $13/hour, which I feel is very generous for an internship/co-op, so I like that part as well. It's a good experience to be able to see what life in Human Resources is like, before I'm even graduated, and at a big company such as Textron! It's also a plus to be able to say that your "foot is in the door" at that company, and they know who you are when you apply for future jobs within the company you interned for. ”

L1 Tech Support Analyst

August 2019 Wichita, KS
“Good foot in the door for my major”
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