Energy Harbor

About Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor is a financially secure independent power producer and fully integrated retail energy provider focused on safe and best-in-class operations and financial performance. With its fleet of reliable generating resources, including substantial carbon-free generation, Energy Harbor is well positioned for long-term value creation and competitiveness in a low-carbon future and is focused on enabling a growing customer and stakeholder base to meet their environmental, social and sustainability goals.


Mechanical/Structural Design Co-op

January 2022 - May 2022 Perry, OH
“I was able to enjoy an unexpectedly high degree of responsibility. Nuclear is a highly regulated industry, but I was given projects with minimal supervision. The projects were also impactful and represented everyday work at a nuclear plant. This co-op program is essentially an onboarding program barring good performance. You are less of an intern and more of a tentative new hire. Also, it cannot be ignored that plant walkdowns are a major highlight. Nuclear is a unique industry and thus seeing the plant and the procedures for navigating it are uniquely interesting.”
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