About Energage

At Energage, we have the world’s first CultureTech platform that combines employee surveys, reliable insights, and expert guidance to transform a company's culture with an employee-centric approach.

Energage is a CultureTech specialist that helps companies realize their workforce’s full potential by building a stronger culture and connections across the organization. With higher employee engagement and intentional cultures, Energage customers are reducing turnover costs, increasing productivity, and improving teamwork. We apply our Top Workplaces research, neuroscience, and expert insights to give clients clear next steps to develop an employee-centric approach to success.


Finance Intern

September 2018 Exton, PA
“Energage is a company that specializes in cultivating winning cultures in its clients, as such the company has been a truly enjoyable work experience for me in the last year. I was originally brought on in the Fall of my 2018 semester to aid in the company transition to a SaaS Corp. After the fall, I realized I loved it here too much to leave after one semester. The company is great at keeping employees in the loop on what is going on in every front. There are weekly meetings, company lunches, and email updates that helped me feel like an integral part of the company even as an intern. Do NOT expect to be getting coffee for people or coasting if you come here! Your team will give you work and challenges to grow you and help you learn, but they are always a question away if you need help. My main position has always been in finance, but because of Energage's place in an emerging market and awesome culture, I have had opportunities to test my skills in multiple departments in the company. I have loved the fluid nature of the company's culture, and it has provided me with amazing experiences in my first corporate internship. ”

Product Development and Consulting Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Exton, PA
“I've learned that Energage is a company that focuses on cultivating winning cultures in its clients and within their own workforce. I was hired in the Summer in between my first and second year in the ODL Master's program. I love how Energage is great at keeping not only employees in the loop, but interns are included in all company-wide emails and events, so that a strong team experience is built. As an intern, I was still able to lead projects and identify projects to help out on that complimented my strengths. My manager was really helpful and cared about my interests and growth over the course of the internship. The teams I worked with had confidence in me to give me responsibilities and I was treated as a team member rather than an "intern." I was pushed to challenge myself and improve myself which I felt comfortable doing since I knew I had people around me that would support me and be available if I ever needed help. ”
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