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About Enercon Industries

Enercon offers engineers unique opportunities in the growing field of high-end packaging and converting equipment. Our engineers develop, design, manufacture, sell and support technologies that convert raw electrical power into value-adding process technologies used by leading packagers, film extruders & converters around the world.

As a family-owned business Enercon has earned an outstanding reputation for its innovative technology, remarkable customer support, and employee culture rooted in family values. Our products are used in technology driven industries including: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, battery, flexible packaging, medical and more. We invite you to meet with us to learn more about a future career with Enercon and how our induction cap sealers and corona, plasma and flame surface treaters help manufacturers supply better products to the world.

We are looking for new engineering talent to join us in our new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Germantown, WI. Our financially strong and growth focused company offers career advancement from within, excellent pay, profit sharing, training & a complete suite of benefits including medical, dental, vision, & reimbursement programs.


Test Engineer Intern

April 2019 Menomonee Falls, WI
“I currently work here and there isn’t a single aspect I don’t enjoy about this job. I have had the opportunity to work with my hands and use many tools and machinery. I have used electrical engineering equipment such as; multimeters, scopes, programmers, smd and industrial size soldering. Most of these on a daily basis, and definitely on a weekly basis when working full time. I have also been trained on lifts, and other heavy industrial equipment. Besides the plethora of experience there, I also get to inspect our products ore shipment. This means I am the first person to connect power to these power supplies that take 480V ( industrial size electricity) and produce up 4000W of power. For comparison an iPhone supplies 5W of power, and your house runs on 120V of electricity. So my job is not only fun but it is also potentially hazardous. I work with electricity, and wire high voltage lines, low voltage, I’ve ran lines for light in our building and I also work on other equipment. This job has given me more hands on experience than I could dream off and they always offer more. I am person who speaks three languages and this is a business that serves countries all over the world. So I also have the opportunity to travel in the future and with great benefits, as well as to practice my English and German. The thing I like most is I work for a great boss who’s an example of leadership, and they are very open with me about my schedule. Since I am a full time student. I can pick up hours whenever and I have opportunities to work any weekend I like. I also work with great people and a really great family owned and oriented business. ”
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