Empowered Wellness

About Empowered Wellness

The summer camp that puts teens and young adults in charge of their health, weight, and happiness. We believe everyone, at every age, deserves the knowledge, confidence and skills to reach and maintain their best weight – the weight where they’re healthiest and happiest – throughout their lives.

Our mission is to translate the best available science on weight management, body image, eating and food behaviors and health into the know-how and life skills that empower campers to make confident health choices every day of their lives.

We’re not the food police or drill sergeants. We're not a fat camp or a weight loss boot camp, where everything’s about the number on the scale. We don’t tear you down in the name of short-term "results" that won't last.

Our goal, every day, for every camper, is simple: health, happiness, and self-compassion -- for life.



June 2018 - August 2018 Goleta, CA
“My students The teaching techniques The location The fulfillment the job brought ”
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