Empower Humanity

Grant Writer

April - September 2018 • Pocatello, ID

What I liked

Researching applicable grants for nonprofit use

What I wish was different

I wish that my employer hadn't taken my coworker's side when it was found that she had been taking photos of me without my consent, before even listening to me about anything. Coworker told them I was slacking off which is why she was taking photos of me... But most of the photos were literally of me doing research for the job (such as, ensuring I'm using the right words to convey the right meaning in applications/paperwork or looking up details on the company offering a grant to see if they're someone who we would want to be affiliated with). When I said that, I was told it was too late and they already made their decision. Even though I hadn't even been asked. And noone was ever available for me to talk to about my work if I had questions about policy or preferences. But my coworker sure had a ton of time to take pictures of me without my consent! Thanks for the PTSD episodes and anxiety attacks. They took her side of it because she was also a patron, meaning any wages she got from the job went back into the business.


Empower Humanity should not be allowed to advertise at ISU or on Handshake because of their harassment policy which enables sexual harassment and caused my mental health to worsen to the point that I needed to triple my anxiety medicine dosage and start on rescue anxiety medication. Do not work for them.
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