EMI Strategic Marketing, Inc.

About EMI Strategic Marketing, Inc.

EMI Strategic Marketing is a Boston-based marketing firm with a deep industry focus in financial services and technology. For 30 years, EMI has developed strategically sound and creatively inspiring marketing solutions for some of the most successful brands in those industries. As a boutique agency, EMI enables new associates to build a foundation for a successful career in marketing or consulting by working as part of a team tasked with strategizing, planning, and executing a range of client projects. Recent graduates learn from the best with regular exposure to client and firm leadership and through structured and unstructured educational opportunities.

If you are interested in a career in marketing and looking for a role where you can make an immediate impact while building skills, start your journey at EMI Strategic Marketing.


Account Associate

September 2021 Boston, MA
“EMI offers a unique experience in that from day one, you are working with lifetime industry professionals on projects going to clients. There is an effective balance between learning on the job and being given time to develop comfort with the work. Additionally, everyone you work with genuinely cares not only about producing quality work, but also about cultivating a culture of collective advancement. EMI is an excellent place for young professionals to develop their marketing knowledge, project management experience, and other business skills.”

Account Associate

July 2021 Boston, MA
“Since joining EMI as an account associate, I’ve been given an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in financial marketing. Despite having limited marketing experience when I started this job, I was brought along quickly by a great team and was able to contribute to client accounts in meaningful ways much earlier than I expected. Colleagues and management are very supportive and many people across different accounts are invested in your success. Overall, EMI has been a great place to transition into my post-collegiate professional life. ”
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