Emergency Care Consultants - Scribe Program

About Emergency Care Consultants - Scribe Program

ECC’s Scribe Program provides an opportunity to gain clinical experience for college students and recent graduates interested in a career in medicine. Scribes work one-on-one with Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners in several Twin Cities hospitals and clinics. Scribes play a vital role in the management of patients, documenting patient encounters, recording laboratory and radiology results, and assisting providers with the challenges of multi-tasking, allowing patients to be treated and managed with greater efficiency.


Medical Scribe

July 2019 Saint Paul, MN
“As a medical scribe, you get what I would like to describe as a behind-the-scenes of what medical providers do in the Emergency Department. It is an incredibly valuable experience for people interested in health care aa you get to work with either a PA, MD, DO, and potentially NP. From your position, you get to see the process of medical decision making in the diagnosis based upon imaging and or laboratory results. ”
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