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About Elmwood Village Association


The mission of The Elmwood Village Association is to work with businesses and residents to improve the quality of life for our entire community.


The Elmwood Village Association is a hub for community involvement that enhances the unique urban character of our community. Our commercial district is economically healthy, vibrant, walkable, clean, safe, and sustainable. Residents, businesses, and visitors experience a welcoming attitude and distinct sense of community.


In 1994, The Elmwood Village Association was founded by a partnership of business owners and residents, received its not-for-profit status, and began serving citizens of Buffalo. The purpose of The Elmwood Village Association is to preserve and protect the unique and historic nature of Elmwood Avenue and its surrounding neighborhoods by increasing civic involvement and encouraging neighborhood revitalization. The long-term goals of the organization are to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the neighborhood commercial district and to improve the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods. Short-term goals are to identify and implement mechanisms that foster economic growth, to promote stabilization of the neighborhoods, and to work with governmental offices that can have a positive impact on the area.
In September of 2000, The Elmwood Village Association hired its first executive director. The hiring was made possible by a partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the City of Buffalo. The Executive Director of The Elmwood Village Association is charged with ensuring the continued revitalization of the Elmwood Village. This is being done by using a comprehensive approach to revitalization based on the Main Street Initiative model known as the four-point approach. The four-point approach involves setting up committees that look at urban design, promotion and marketing, economic restructuring, and organization.


To fulfill its mission, the Elmwood Village Association has a number of active committees. Each committee is composed of a combination of board members, professionals, and community members and is charged with the task of developing and implementing programs and projects to improve the quality of life in the Elmwood Village.

Our current committees include: Design, Economic Development, Marketing, and Neighborhoods.


Design Intern

June 2020 Buffalo, NY
“I was very lucky to get this opportunity. Not only do I have the opportunity to work on professional design projects, I was given the opportunity to take ownership of these projects. I am further developing my design skills and enhancing my portfolio. I have learned about the facets and impact of social media in a business setting. I have had the opportunity to contribute to the Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market and the Music is Art Festival and the 2020 Summer Concert Series. I have a better idea of how non-profits operate and experience with event planning. I also live in the neighborhood. I get to walk to work, and when I see a sign I made, or a graphic I designed, I get to say to myself "Look at me. I did that."”
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