Elk Capital Partners, LLC

About Elk Capital Partners, LLC

Elk Capital Partners is a search fund, similar to private equity, that has raised funds to find and acquire one, profitable business in the US with greater than $10 million in annual revenue. The concept of the search model is to buy one business and then assume the operations of the day-to-day business. Many lower-middle market businesses have owners who want to retire or move on to their next endeavor but do not have a succession plan in place and traditional private equity does not have industry veterans who are interested in running businesses of this size. We are a fast-paced and exciting organization actively search to make large investments. This is a fun yet professional and collegial environment where we are relentlessly dedicated to achieving our goal of acquiring a single, profitable and growing business. We combine the resourceful, creative and hard-working culture of a startup with the exhilarating, intellectually challenging and interesting content of an investment firm.



July 2018 Jackson, WY
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