Elevations RTC

About Elevations RTC

The Approach is a residential support program aimed at helping students who have been in an residential treatment or other highly structured settings prepare for a transition back into their home environment. Through daily living support, individual and group therapy, and residential staff coaching, The Approach is focused on expanding student involvement in the community, increasing independence,and generalizing skills to a normalized environment, The Approach is a co-ed, 12 bed home located in a residential neighborhood. Students will practice their skills through participation in accredited high school curriculum and activities, recreational programs, and part time employment. Additionally, students will have ample opportunities to learn and practice living skills such as managing peer and familial relationships, managing a variety of social dynamics, budgeting, career exploration, job interviewing, academic skills, managing an individual schedule, and cooking/meal planning. The Approach is a shared company with Elevations RTC & ViewPoint Center. Many of the students at the Approach will be transitioning from Elevations RTC.


Milieu Manager

December 2018 Syracuse, UT
“The supervisors and fellow staff are very easy to work with; they are flexible and understanding; they are friendly and agreeable; they are open to feedback and willing to provide feedback. The job provides many opportunities for personal growth and professional development.”
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