Educational Justice

About Educational Justice

Recognizing that substantially fewer educational opportunities are available to students of low socioeconomic status than their more privileged peers, Educational Justice endeavors to innovate and implement practical solutions aimed at closing the opportunity gap in education. Using these solutions, we strive to not only to expand the equalizing power of education to underserved students and their families, but also end educational inequity by creating and inspiring a new generation of zealous advocates for social justice.

Our flagship program, Educational Justice Activists, finds the best and brightest high school students of the community and trains them to become dedicated academic coaches. These coaches are then paired with an underserved 5th – 8th grade student and meet for a minimum of one-hour, one-day-a-week, tutoring sessions at public library sites throughout Louisville. The concept behind the initiative, which recently won a social entrepreneurship conference at Harvard University, is encapsulated here:



June 2018 - September 2018 Louisville, KY
β€œIt was close to home, and I was able to continue working with a non-profit that was very impactful during my high school years. ”
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