EcoShield Pest Control

About EcoShield Pest Control

We are a pest management company based out of San Marcos, CA. We have years of experience, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to break the mold. We provide the best of two worlds: clean and green. Unlike other Pest Control Services, we combine the most innovative pest management methods with the cleanest and safest products, so that our customers' homes are always safe. The backbone of our business, as in most, is sales. Our goal is to cultivate motivated, hard working individuals who'd like master crucial aspects of the sales process and have fun in the process. We have a tight group of sales reps from all over the country who join us every summer to test their limits and make as much money as possible while benefiting from in depth sales training and a fantastic team-oriented experience.



May 2020 - August 2020 Seattle, WA
“The team I was with and the environment the managers created. ”

Customer Service Representative

June 2020 Chantilly, VA
“Fun to help people! ”
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