East End Community Services

Adult Education Intern

June - August 2023 • Dayton, OH

What I liked

I love working with children! It's such a rewarding experience to see their growth and development. Being able to make a positive impact on their lives is truly fulfilling. What do you enjoy most about working with children?

What I wish was different

if I had to think of something I wish had been different when working with children, it would probably be having more resources and support to meet their individual needs. Sometimes it can be challenging to provide personalized attention and assistance to every child, especially when there are limited resources available. Having additional support, such as more staff or specialized programs, would have made it even more impactful and beneficial for the children. But overall, I still cherish the experience of working with children and wouldn't trade it for anything.


One piece of advice I would share about working with children is to always be patient and understanding. Children can have different needs, abilities, and behaviors, so it's important to approach each child with empathy and patience. Building a positive and supportive relationship with them can make a big difference in their growth and development. Also, remember to celebrate their successes, no matter how small they may seem. Encouragement and positive reinforcement can go a long way in helping children thrive.
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