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The JMM is Earlham College's on campus Natural History Museum. From a quirky collection in the 1870s to a thriving educational museum today, the rich history of the Joseph Moore Museum involves fires, rescuing giant beavers, a mad elephant, and much Moore.

The museum is run primarily by Earlham College students who, guided by faculty and staff, conduct research, design and lead programs and exhibitions, care for our live animals, and market our programs. The museum also serves as a "learning lab" for students in the college's Museum Studies Program.


Outreach and Animal Caretaker

August 2021 Richmond, IN
“The Joseph Moore Museum is a really positive environment to learn and grow. They accept people of all majors and help you to gain connections and learn how to function in a working environment. Overall, they are flexible and kind employers.”


August 2021 Richmond, IN
“The museum provides a wonderful sense of community, and it is a very forgiving and welcoming position. The bosses there are very supportive, and they understand if struggles with schoolwork interfere with your shifts. It's a great learning ground for a lot of future careers but also good for gaining experience for anything life may throw your way.”
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