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About Eagle Sky Camp

Everything at Eagle Sky of the Ozarks is designed to point guests back to the message of Jesus Christ. Settled on 5,000 acres near beautiful Patterson, MO, the land sets the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable summer experience. Our staff is committed to providing the very best experience possible to each and every visitor who walks through our gates. Our main focus is sharing the love of Christ with kids and youth from all over the world. We believe you are never too young or too old to hear the message of Christ!

List of Job Opportunities:

Do you like excitement? Of course you do. As a counselor at Camp Eagle Sky you will have more excitement than you can handle. If you love hanging out with kids 24/7, and are looking for a ministry opportunity then this is the job for you! Counselors are assigned up to 10 campers for each 5-day session. Every session is filled with crazy fun activities and chapel services. Being a counselor is a life changing experience that allows you the opportunity to impact kids’ lives for God.

What you’ll need:
A strong relationship with God and a heart for kids ministry; As a counselor you will be pouring out into the lives of kids everyday, it’s important that you are grounded in your faith.

Requirements: at least 18 years old and one full year removed from high school at the beginning of orientation, but any education level is great!

The perfect fit has; high energy and an upbeat attitude for interacting with young kids, organizational skills, and punctual nature to get your bunk to activities and chapel on time!


Some people love adventure, they crave excitement, they approach every day like a coiled spring ready to explode with energy and passion. We think these people are awesome. If you believe you are one of these people then serving on our Activities team is where you belong. Whether you want to lifeguard on our many water activities or help campers conquer their fear on our ropes course the Activities team has an opportunity for you.

What you’ll need:
A strong relationship with God
A heart for encouraging kids in all types of activities
Attention to detail (you will be following a lot of procedures)

Lifeguards – 18 or older preferred, lifeguarding certificating will be required before arriving at Eagle Sky

Adventure Staff (general activities and ropes courses) – 18 years or older preferred, no education required

The perfect fit has; a heart for encouraging kids in all types of activities. On the Activities team you will have an incredible opportunity to help every camper build character as well as strengthen their ability to believe in themselves.
A desire to grow in God; every team member needs a teachable attitude as well as a desire to grow though seeking God’s best for your life.


While in the car, do you annoy everyone in the car by turning the music up way too loud and then tell other people in the car to listen? If so, annoy others no more! Aim your love of music in the right direction by joining our production team! And it’s not just music, our Production Department is responsible for all things media, so if you love social media (who doesn’t?), photography, lighting, shooting and editing video, or mixing music then this the job for you!

What you’ll need: A love of technology, as you will be using a ton of it. The ability to be teachable, if you want to learn then we want to teach you!

Age Requirements: 18 years old or older preferred.

The perfect fit has: A good ear for music and a good eye for excellence and above all a strong relationship with Christ.

Office Personnel:

Helping the camp run smoothly is a big job, and we have the best office staff in the world. Literally. The entire globe. That is a fact, and if you are someone who loves nothing more than making your world run more efficiently, then a summer position as one of Eagle Sky’s famed Office Personnel is the place for you.

What you’ll need:
A strong relationship with God
Strong organizational skills
A basic understanding of computers, specifically programs like Word and Excel.

Requirements: because of handling all kinds of important documents applicants must be at least 18 years old. Previous clerical preferred, but not required.

The perfect fit has; a love of paperwork of all kinds and a cheery happy disposition.


Are you and RN or LPN looking for a place to fulfill your calling a few weeks a year? Or perhaps a nursing student wanting to hone your skills? We are always looking for motivated individuals to serve during the summer in on our nursing staff.

What you’ll need: A strong relationship with God, and a love for kids! The ability to remain calm, and attention to detail.

Requirements: At least 18 years of age. RN certification or LPN certification, or currently pursuing a degree in Nursing.

The perfect fit has: An upbeat attitude, an ability to multi-task, and a love for Jesus and kids!


The Eagle Sky store offers campers a way to take a little piece of Eagle Sky home with them. Operating one of the most popular activities, our store
staff keeps everything running smoothly. Our store gets a lot of traffic, and campers can be quite energetic, and by energetic we mean sometimes a 7 year old picks something up and puts it somewhere else entirely. So if you have a love of stocking and re-stocking then the store is for you!

What you’ll need: A smiling face! We like to make sure every camper coming into the store is greeted with a friendly face and a hello, so being cheerful is a must.

Age requirements: 18 years and older preferred.

The perfect fit has: A happy disposition, and a strong relationship with Christ.


Christian Camp Counselor

June 2019 - August 2019 Piedmont, MO
“I loved being able to minister to kids and work at the camp as a whole.”
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