Eagle Elastomer, Inc.

About Eagle Elastomer, Inc.

Located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Eagle Elastomer manufactures fluoroelastomer products. Our materials support a wide range of industries such as aerospace, chemical processing, automotive, general industrial, oil/gas, medical, and the food industry. We produce the fully compounded fluoroelastomer material from fluorocarbon polymers through one of several mixing processes. At our facility. these mixed materials can be processed through one of our extrusions lines, calendered to thin gauges, granulated, molded into vulcanized sheet, or sold to customers to supply their molding needs. We are ISO 9001 certified and AS9100 accredited.


Engineering Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
“This was my first engineering related work experience, and it was a great first experience to have. All of the people at the company were very welcoming and easy to talk to if I ever needed help with anything. This job has given me a far better understanding of what engineers do on the day to day, especially chemical engineers. This work experience really showed me that I am in the right field and have chosen the right major to stick with. I worked on a handful of projects, but most of what I did was time studies on the production floor. I also did a lot of data entry and editing certain parts of entries in the software system.”
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