About Eagala

Eagala is the largest membership organization of professionals incorporating horses for mental health interventions. Since 1999, Eagala has set the global standard for equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development with more than 500 regional programs and over 2,500 certified members in 40+ countries. In 2019 alone, these programs served 49,945 clients, confronting challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, human trafficking and abuse, addictions, depression, and other mental health issues. Eagala trains and supports a worldwide community of certified professionals and provides a comprehensive certification process and member support network.

With the growing mental health needs of individuals, families, and communities, Eagala’s services are more important than ever. Eagala’s team approach, integrating licensed Mental Health Professionals, qualified Equine Specialists, and horses working collaboratively with clients to strengthen resilience and confront challenging mental health issues and stressors, provides a unique, engaging approach that works for many when traditional mental health methods do not. The Eagala Model focuses on a strengths-based, client-directed approach, and involves no riding, which creates a safe space for clients to experience the horses as they relate to their individual challenges. Hands-on experiences with horses are provided which help clients discover their strengths, experience their own solutions, and apply new behaviors, which creates longer-lasting results. Eagala’s certified professionals are committed to following our code of ethics, upholding principles, and ensuring best practices and the highest level of care for our clients. With over twenty years in the field, the Eagala Model is tested and subject to ongoing study and development, with a growing body of peer-reviewed evidence supporting its quality of practice, outcomes, and effectiveness. Program results include a much higher rate of engagement where clients start and complete treatment more readily than in traditional office approaches.


Marketing Intern

September 2020 Spanish Fork, UT
“In a positive setting of team collaboration, I had the opportunity to experience different sides of marketing for a nonprofit organization. I felt very supported by my supervisor and was given chances to explore different roles by working with different members of the Eagala team. ”
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