E-BEAM Services, Inc.

About E-BEAM Services, Inc.

About E-BEAM Services, Inc.
WE MAKE ELECTRONS TRAVEL MORE THAN 99% THE SPEED OF LIGHT EVERY DAY! For over 30 years, E-BEAM has supplied high-speed electron processing to companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, construction, automotive, and industrial markets (with products like medical supplies, heat-shrink tubing, wire and cable, sheet foam, gaskets, molded parts . . . ). Electron beam processing effectively and efficiently creates useful changes in material properties by modifying the molecular structure of polymers through crosslinking and chain scissioning. E-beam processing can also destroy microbes on a molecular level, and is widely used for medical device and pharmaceutical sterilization. Want to learn more? Now's your chance to join our team!


Engineering Co-Op

June 2020 - August 2020 Cranbury, NJ
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